There are invaluable business lessons that companies can learn from marathon runners. It requires a great dedication and many sacrifices to train for and run in a marathon. Here are the main lessons:

  1. Be willing to change yourself. “If you keep doing that you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got!” W.L.Bateman – If you want to change your world, change yourself. There is one single person on this world who you can change and that person is you! Change your habits, change your attitude, and change yourself! Do you know that even though many people demand their world to change are not willing to change themselves?
  2. Change is not a goal, change is the small steps towards your goals. Do it like a baby – one step at a time? We have to overcome our minds need for instant results, for instant gratification and be content with the small improvements day after day
  3. Don’t make excuses. Running requires dedication and persistence. Do it EVERY single day. Don’t let obstacles get into your path to success. Training is difficult and requires discipline. Did you know that many marathon runners had to endure surgeries, sustain injuries or fight illnesses during their training? Be like them. Don’t let anything stand on your path to success.
  4. Learn to delay gratification. This is one of the most important lessons you need to learn in order to be successful. You have to discipline yourself to follow your plan even when there is no certainty of getting to your end goal. Many studies show that the children who had the ability to resist the temptation for an immediate reward and wait for a later reward were much more successful in life than the children who couldn’t bring themselves to wait (The marshmallow experiment).
  5. Failure does not determine you as a person, it is a chance for you to learn and improve. In marathon like in business there are no guarantees for success. There is no success without failure. You cannot learn from the first time. Be prepared to learn. IF you got hit 7 times, get up eight! Do you know that the greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure? Don’t fear failure, embrace it, and learn from it. Change yourself! I highly recommend business owners to get involved in a sport and practice it regularly. There is no reason (apart from a serious medical condition) to stop you from doing that. Minor problems don’t count! There is a solution to most problems, just do your research, be resourceful and be creative.

If you love running, but have flat feet, then get yourself shoes suitable for low arches. If you have only so much time on your hands, install a treadmill in your bedroom. If you need a partner to keep you accountable, count on a family member, or join one of the many forums with likeminded individuals.


Doing any physical activity regularly will improve your health and will hone your discipline.

Safety practices at workplace easily translate into lower overhead as investing in safety is much cheaper than medical bills and employees’ compensation for workplace related injuries. Not to mention that bad safety practices can mean a lot of trouble with regulating authorities.

Promoting safety practices should not be boring and itchy job. It all starts with hiring. Hiring the right employees who know how to do their job and do it well. They just need some training so they can comply with the recent safety practices. Schedule regular safety training events and make them part of your team building. Also – encourage anonymous feedback and take strict measures against those who don’t follow the rules. In short – make sure everyone knows the rules and follows them to the T.

But, be warned – one time safety training just won’t cut it. Schedule for regular events that include training and demonstrations.

 Use plenty of safety posts around the workplace. That way your employees will be reminded at all times to take care of different, small and large, safety practices. Post warning signs that remind what can happen in case of particular accidents. Sometimes people just tend to neglect the possible consequences of their actions. Make sure they are reminded on daily basis.

Sometimes it can be just as simple as a sign ‘Wash your hands before your leave the room!”, sometimes sign that remind wearing safety gear such as hard hats, steel toe shoes or safety goggles have to be worn. Wearing safety gear at all times is crucial at all places that pose potential hazards to the health and wellbeing of people working there. Specific places have higher risk of falling objects that can pose serious damage to people without protective equipment. Most of the standards don’t specify who is responsible for purchasing the safety equipment. However, having reputation of employer who is cared for its employees and pays for their protective equipment is a strong motivation for good workers to join your company. We know that protective gear can be expensive. For example Safety boots prices vary from $90 to up to $350. A pair of quality steel toe boots cost about $150-$200. However is it much more expensive to lose precious workers or having to pay for complicated medical procedures.

Don’t forget to reward your complying employees – either with additional bonuses or with simple verbal encouragement – always do it.

Do you remember the high school and all those school projects you need to complete in a team? They made you do it to build your organizational skills. Those events inspire communication, enforces the connection between the members of the group. People who know their colleagues/classmates better work better together and achieve more. This results in happier and healthier work environment. This improved connection between the people in the team benefits all parties. Happy workers have increased level of security. They genuinely enjoy what they do and devote more time to their project which eventually translates to better job done.

There are a number of ways to increase the team spirit and maintain it. One way to do that is by organizing sport events for your team   The team building event, as enjoyable as it might seem requires a lot of upfront work to ensure positive experience and to achieve the goal.

The successful team building event has four parts:

  1. Plan and preparation – this is a crucial stage that could either make or break the whole event. Make sure to follow a good plan like this one here. Survey your colleagues what they prefer and organize the data. Plan your event around this data.
  2. Team building sports activities are the second part of the equation. They come in all forms and there is no set rules, but the most popular activities are basketball, badminton, running, football, bowling. Some of them require appropriate clothing, footwear, equipment and supplies. A well-organized sports even won’t make the mistake of preparing a good basketball court and forgetting the basketball clothing and shoes. Exactly the opposite – they will make sure that they will either bring the equipment or communicate what is needed with the involved players. They won’t organize a parkour competition without warning the participants to bring their sports clothing and adequate free running shoes like these.
  3. Summing up the event – one of the most important parts of the event. Overview the most important lessons and principles that you want remembered. When the fun is over, make sure to get feedback of the participants. Write everything down and make sure to address all the weak points.
  4. Follow-up – there ensure that everything learned and connection established during the event are applied in the work as well. This must be done by the managers of the company and is very critical point.

Isn’t it remarkable how frequently we hear people say that they want to spend more time with their family and travel the world, but at the very same time they want to do for a living a job that isn’t about the money.

I’ll be blunt with you. This not-about-the-money job isn’t going to provide the means to exist happily. Even worse, it might not be enough to get the bread and butter on the table. Or it would mean that your spouse would have to sacrifice their career goals and totally misbalance your family life.

Either way, you need money to travel. You need money to get them to the park and buy them icecream. You need money

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