Isn’t it remarkable how frequently we hear people say that they want to spend more time with their family and travel the world, but at the very same time they want to do for a living a job that isn’t about the money.

I’ll be blunt with you. This not-about-the-money job isn’t going to provide the means to exist happily. Even worse, it might not be enough to get the bread and butter on the table. Or it would mean that your spouse would have to sacrifice their career goals and totally misbalance your family life.

Either way, you need money to travel. You need money to get them to the park and buy them icecream. You need money


(and lots of it) to eat healthy.

If you really love and care for the well-being of your family, you won’t make them suffer so you can do what you want. I don’t want this to sound as a rambling, so let me give you my 2 cents.

First, it costs money to travel.

You will also need the luxury of having free time so you can travel. You simply cannot get a backpack and a tent and travel the world with your family. You need to earn enough so you can travel regularly to new destinations. We live in interesting society, where most of the people are trapped in a never ending rat race. They are stuck forever in their dead-end job. They are earning just enough to survive the month, pay their credit card and mortgage and go to work. They never have enough money to escape the rat race. They never have enough free time either, as they are trading their time for money. Often times, little money. They simply can’t afford to go on holiday, as their paycheck for the month won’t cover their monthly expenses.

And it is getting even worse. Caught in the rat race together with other rats, they never really realize how to get out. They often blame the society, their employers, the crisis, and some bad situations in their life. It is never their fault. You can easily spot the same pattern again and again. And it is never their fault. It is always some external factor.

Don’t be attached to money

This is the only way to escape the rat race. Money isn’t evil. It is simply means to afford things in life that you can enjoy. Set your goals straight. Set deadlines. Plan and act accordingly. You just need to be crystal clear with your goals. You need to know your WHYs and HOWs. Simply ‘I need to be rich’ is not enough to create a focused effort. You need something like ‘I need to make $10000 a month, so we can travel abroad 4 times a year, give our children better education, pay our mortgage and have enough free time to enjoy our lives.’

Take control of your life

Remember, it is extremely important to take control over your own life. Just accept the things that you cannot change and act accordingly. Control the things you can change, and amazing things will start to happen.