Safety practices at workplace easily translate into lower overhead as investing in safety is much cheaper than medical bills and employees’ compensation for workplace related injuries. Not to mention that bad safety practices can mean a lot of trouble with regulating authorities.

Promoting safety practices should not be boring and itchy job. It all starts with hiring. Hiring the right employees who know how to do their job and do it well. They just need some training so they can comply with the recent safety practices. Schedule regular safety training events and make them part of your team building. Also – encourage anonymous feedback and take strict measures against those who don’t follow the rules. In short – make sure everyone knows the rules and follows them to the T.

But, be warned – one time safety training just won’t cut it. Schedule for regular events that include training and demonstrations.

 Use plenty of safety posts around the workplace. That way your employees will be reminded at all times to take care of different, small and large, safety practices. Post warning signs that remind what can happen in case of particular accidents. Sometimes people just tend to neglect the possible consequences of their actions. Make sure they are reminded on daily basis.

Sometimes it can be just as simple as a sign ‘Wash your hands before your leave the room!”, sometimes sign that remind wearing safety gear such as hard hats, steel toe shoes or safety goggles have to be worn. Wearing safety gear at all times is crucial at all places that pose potential hazards to the health and wellbeing of people working there. Specific places have higher risk of falling objects that can pose serious damage to people without protective equipment. Most of the standards don’t specify who is responsible for purchasing the safety equipment. However, having reputation of employer who is cared for its employees and pays for their protective equipment is a strong motivation for good workers to join your company. We know that protective gear can be expensive. For example Safety boots prices vary from $90 to up to $350. A pair of quality steel toe boots cost about $150-$200. However is it much more expensive to lose precious workers or having to pay for complicated medical procedures.

Don’t forget to reward your complying employees – either with additional bonuses or with simple verbal encouragement – always do it.