How many times you felt stuck? How many times that frog in your throat didn’t let you move on with your life? How many times simply putting off action prevented you from getting where you wanted to be? Maybe these are too many to count. I used to be the same until I found a way around.

Stop being trip wired by having to make a decision. Understand the cause of the decision paralysis and move forward with your life.

First: Identify the FROG

The Frogs are the things you keep procrastinating on. These things that you don’t want to deal with. These are things that make you cringe. Things that make you feel hopeless and frightened. It might be the important conversation with your boss concerning the raise of your salary that you’ve been putting off again. It might be a meeting with someone you don’t dare face. It might be something else. Identify what exactly you don’t want to deal with and keep putting off even though you know it is important.

There might be small frogs (that conversation with client you dread) or bigger frogs (changing your career path).

Learn how to deal with the small frogs first. The reason is twofold – first small conquers would regain your faith in yourself. Second – by tackling small frogs you will build momentum and you will have both the courage and the ability to deal with the bigger frogs.

SECOND: Identify the IMPACT of the frog

Literally sit down and write why you don’t want to deal with the frog. Don’t cheat. Why are you so afraid? Now after you write everything down, it does not seem THAT important, does it? Now, list all the benefits from dealing with the frog in the second column. Now solve the simple equation – are the benefits greater than the fears? I know that the answer is YES. Now you should go and deal with the frog.

 THIRD: SET your goals

/with deadline/

It is important to identify the goals in your life. Decide what you want and how the frogs influence your life goals. Decide which problems have to be addressed first.

Write down each goal and assign a deadline to each one.


Decide how you are going to deal with the situation. Write a plan. It does not have to be something fancy. It could be as simple as 1… and 2..


Act accordingly. You will find that dealing with frogs become easier over time. The more you do it, the easier it gets. Don’t overthink it. Just start and amazing things will start to happen to you!

Bonus: Get FANS to support you

Being on you own can be difficult. Get someone you trust to support you. It might be a relative or a friend, get someone who would genuinely congratulate you for your decision. Someone who won’t judge you. Having a support can mean the world of a difference.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. It is the only way to grow.